Global Reach Out Initiative
Began With A Simple Dream...
A dream of a world where Deaf individuals have access to resources and quality educational programs.
Create sustainable models of self-employment for the Deaf and to impart leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skill sets to engender a new paradigm for the Deaf around the world.

Create a focused, empowering environment that equips its participants to thrive and become "changemakers" in their communities.


Provide Deaf young adults with requisite skills and positive reinforcement to inspire them to think beyond their social constructs and become productive and thriving agents of change within their communities.


Instill learning through peer mentorship, role models, hands on activities, interactive lessons and more.


Enable and reinforce the Deaf to improve the quality of lives and sustainability of Deaf community around the world.


Skill Development & Job Placement

Provide hands on training for participants to hone and train their skills to prepare for real world jobs.

Innovation Hub

A space to nurture and utilize new ideas, inquisitive perspectives, and shared resources.

Bilingual Lab

Promoting advancement in Sign Language use and written English through advanced methods of teaching.

Creative and Data Agency

A sandbox where creative minds can gather to produce innovative and unique media-based projects.

Why Are We Doing This?

Provide Transformational Education

80% of the Deaf population in the World do not have access to quality education. Most schools for the Deaf are still using traditional teaching approaches which have been unsuccessful in enabling Deaf students to excel academically.

Gain Language Acquisition Rights

A large majority of Deaf individuals in developing countries face language deprivation due to reluctance by parents to use sign language or lack of awareness of their right to language choices. Only 2% of the world's Deaf population has access to education in sign language.

Reduce High Unemployment Rates

In developing countries, approximately 90% of Deaf individuals are unemployed due to poor education, lack of communication skills, and identity crisis. There is a huge misunderstanding among the hearing society of what Deaf individuals are capable of achieving professionally.

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