Global Reach Out Initiative
Projects in India
Creating innovative solutions using a technological platform advocating for equality and opportunities for the Indian Deaf community with compliance to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act, 2016. Providing high quality services like Deaf Empowerment Training Workshops, Informative Data, media advocacy, accessibility support through Indian Sign Language Interpreters and communication support in India.
Training /

Access Mantra has Deaf experts who provide important Workshops and Trainings related to the Deaf community of India.

The wide range of topics include:

  • Deaf Culture & History
  • How to prevent Audism
  • Deaf Women Empowerment
  • Deaf Education
  • Job Sensitization Training (How Deaf & Hearing people can work together)
  • CODA (Children of Deaf Adults)

Interpreting Services

India has at least 8 million Deaf people. There are only 400 sign language interpreters available. There have been times where availability, affordability, or lack of awareness of using interpreters becomes a huge challenge.

Project Solutions:

  • Create a pool of skilled interpreters to handle assignments in various settings.
  • Provide Interpreting Ethics training to various Deaf organizations, Interpreters, and public & private companies in India. This allows India to become more aware of the benefits of using interpreting services.
  • Create videos of visual examples of Unethical vs. Ethical Interpreting situations to post online for all of India to understand how to respect the Deaf community & the interpreting field.

Deaf Information Network & DeafLine

Deaf Information Network is a bilingual website in English & Indian Sign Language that provides information and resources on how to meet the needs of the Deaf community.

DeafLine is a service where Hearing & Deaf people contact Deaf experts for solutions or referrals related to the Deaf community.

This project involves:

  • Deaf Experts and their Interpreters handling calls.
  • A Website Technician to update the website with current information on a daily basis.
  • A Team of Deaf Experts, a Video Editor, and Captioners to create informative bilingual videos on current issues related to the Indian Deaf community.

Visual Informative Data & Advocacy

Informative Data creates an impact in the Indian community because it is considered valid proof of lack of services & lack of rights. There is a gap in gathering data from the Indian Deaf community due to lack of access to Indian Sign Language. Once data is collected, it can be used to empower the Deaf community in advocating for their rights & for improved access to services.

This project includes:

  • A team of Deaf Experts, Video Editors, & Captioners to provide bilingual translations of surveys.
  • A Media Team to create visual bilingual videos that educate the Deaf community on specific laws and procedures on how to advocate for their rights.
  • Working with Legal Experts in using the data to petition in the court to advocate for the Deaf community’s rights.
  • Deaf Experts meeting with various public & private stakeholders to share the informative data and work together to provide the Deaf community equal access to their rights & services.

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